Doppelherz Libyan Market Launch


Our new nutrition line with its European products:

Doppelherz – Germany EU new top products arrived in our storage this May and it’s available immediately through our company.

We are pleased to add Doppelherz products to our portfolio, it well be the start of the company’s launch to Libyan consumer market.

at Noor al-amana we focus on the Health of the whole family and We pay close attention to the requirements of our consumer. As an example, we started with their products that range includes 26 different magnesium products alone plus many of Vitamin B, C, D and enzymes. This enables and offer the right product for each and every customers’ needs.

find out Immediate availability products and get to know Dopplherz company on our website Product Link below.

About Doppelherz :

The brand Doppelherz has a long tradition and stands for the power of two hearts. Doppelherz offers a variety of high-quality vitamins, minerals, herbal extracts and special nutrients for an active and healthy lifestyle. you can find out more about the success story of Queisser Pharma and the brand history on their website:

Doppelherz dietary supplements: German quality you can rely on!

With Their driving force for 100 years: support the health and well-being of the entire family, The focus of the work has always been on developing high-quality products, designed to promote health. Supporting and preserving health is our consistent driving force, which led to the development of first herbal tonic over a hundred years ago and, as such, is still deeply rooted in their mission statement today. to treat each other with respect in our day-to-day work because every employee matters. Based on this family-oriented approach, internalized by all their employees, they work passionately and with a considerable sense of responsibility in creating Doppelherz products that promote health for the family, and to insure that their product is with:

  • Sustainable and responsible.
  • Doppelherz – One brand for everyone,
  • Warm and friendly communications.
  • Doppelherz is available wherever you are.
  • A global brand with great tradition.

With thus Doppelherz has always stood for quality.

kindly check out their websit and get to know this leading German Brand.